Perogy Boyz October 6 2012 (1)

A little over a year ago food trucks were allowed to open in Calgary. There’s quite a few, yet I’d never eaten at one. Until yesterday that is!

Perogy Boyz October 6 2012 (2)

I had watched an episode of Eat St. that had featured the Perogy Boyz truck, and I knew that at some point I had to try their perogies. A lot of the time they’re downtown for the lunch hour, but yesterday they were in my end of the city so I knew I had to go.

Perogy Boyz October 6 2012 (4)

My dad went with the traditional perogies with potato inside.

Perogy Boyz October 6 2012 (5)

I decided on the Mexicali perogies that are filled with ground beef taco filling. Both were served with bacon, onions, and sour cream.

I tried both kinds, but I definitely liked mine more. You wouldn’t think the taco/perogie combination would be good, but it was amazing. I’d definitely get them again.

You can check out the Perogy Boyz site, or follow them on Twitter if you’re in the Calgary area to know where they’ll be.

Have you ever eaten from a food truck?