Bowmont September 12 2012 (1)

I went to Bowmont a few days ago. I love that there’s so many different colors everywhere – from grey to brown to gold.

Bowmont September 12 2012 (2)

There were lots of Asters still blooming. They’re usually one of the last things to bloom in the fall. While everything else is turning gold and brown, they’re bright purple. I love them.

Bowmont September 12 2012 (3)

| decided to take a different path.Usually I end up going left to avoid this huge valley and hill on the other side, but this time I decided to conquer the hill!

Bowmont September 12 2012 (4)

There were lots of bushes with berries in the valley. It’s pretty cool that even though I’ve spent so much time in Bowmont, I’ve only been in this valley once or twice before.

Getting to the top of the hill was tough, but it was definitely doable. I was breathing pretty hard once I got to the top, but I felt pretty proud of myself for taking it on.

Conquering the Hills