Bike September 2012

1. It’s already September 21. Summer flew by way too fast, and now before I know it, it’ll be winter and fall will be over too.

2. I bought a new bike this week. More about it later, but it’s awesome. Let’s just say I’m a little wobbly at times – I don’t think I’ve ridden a bike since junior high. That’s 15 years!

3. I’ve been planning out bike routes. Yeah, I may or may not have done that at work yesterday.

Pocky September 21 2012

4. I got these candy things at a sushi restaurant on the weekend. Then I saw them at London Drugs this week. I’ve never seen them before in my life, and now I see them twice in one week. Weird.

5. The weather has been amazing the last couple weeks. It still feels like summer, with temperatures in the mid twenties. Today was 25C, (77F) perfect if you ask me.

6. I have a date tonight with the boyfriend.

7. I’m going to a birthday party Saturday night. Someone asked me if there was going to be a bouncy castle. I doubt it, as the birthday boy is turning 31.

8. I’ve ordered two things online last week. I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival. I’m like a little kid. Why does shipping always seem to take foreeeeeeever?

9. Have a great weekend!

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