Little Black Dress

I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear to Pride and Prejudice when I go in October. Yeah, I may not be very girly, but it’s been a long time since I last got to dress up.

I bought this dress a couple years ago for work. I know the photo isn’t that great, but I really like how it looks on me. It’s the only dress I own. Or have owned in a very long time.

I haven’t worn it since I bought it. I’ve definitely gained a little weight since then. It still fits, but it could definitely look better. So my plan is to watch my eating and make sure I get in all my workouts every week and lose a little weight so it looks amazing again when I wear it to Pride and Prejudice.

Cause we all know a night of “sucking it in” isn’t fun at all.

Little Black Dress

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