A couple months ago I wanted to get an app for my phone to keep track of the distance I walk. Up until then I was trying to map it once I got home with Runkeeper, but it wasn’t always that accurate.

Cardio trainer App September 12 2012

After a little bit of googling, I decided to try Cardio Trainer. I had some really good reviews, plus it was free (you can pay a couple dollars for an “enhanced version").

Cardio trainer App September 12 2012 (1)

I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I’m really liking it. It has just enough stats (like distance, time, pace, steps) to keep me motivated, without being overwhelming. At the beginning of a walk I’ll set myself a goal of walking X number of steps, or going for a certain distance.

It’s pretty easy to use too. Every once in awhile I pause it if I come to a bench with a pretty view and want to sit down for a couple minutes and enjoy it – all it takes is one button to pause it, and  one button to start it again once I’m ready to start off.

What are some of your favourite fitness related apps?

Cardio Trainer App