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For the last couple months now I’ve been walking every week with some friends. It’s been awesome being able to spend more time with them while getting in a workout at the same time

It started out with three of us, but the last little while one hasn’t been coming very often. But even when it’s just the two of us, we always make it a priority to get together.

It’s not always just us going, but most of the time there’s two dogs, and sometimes there’s even two kids. I usually volunteer to push the stroller cause doing that and wrangling two dogs can be a lot for one person to do all at once. It’s a double stroller so it’s definitely bigger than the regular ones. I’d like to think it gives me a little better workout – especially when I’m pushing it uphill.

My friends keep me motivated to make sure I get the walks in. It’s really easy for me to tell myself that I don’t have time for it, or I’ll do it tomorrow, but when I have it planned with them I make sure I go. They’re expecting me to be there so I show up.

We usually meet up at my friends house, ten minutes from where I live. She has two big parks near her, so it’s a great place to start from cause we can go to either one. It’s also a nice neighbourhood to walk in too, so sometimes we just end up staying in the residential area.

If you’re looking for some accountability with your workouts, I’d definitely try working out with someone.

Walking Buddies

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