Floor Hockey September 9 2012


This afternoon I’ll be playing my first floor hockey game since I had to give up my spot on a team because of an injury. While it’s not with the same league, (it’s with my friend who I played with back in the spring), I’m hoping today goes better.

And it should be better. I’ve been trying to be really careful with my foot activity wise, not doing too much. I’ve been doing all my stretches and physio homework too. Because there’s not as much stress put on the guy/girl ratio at these games, I don’t have to play the entire time, I can take breaks if I need to, and even leave early if it comes down to that.

I really enjoy my time playing floor hockey. I really want to play – even if that means taking it slow at first. At the same time though I don’t want to make things any worse with my foot. It’s tough figuring out how much is enough, and how much is too much.

Whenever I play floor hockey it’s always a great workout. I’m exhausted by the end of the game and I leave drenched in sweat. It’s not pretty, but I have so much fun.

I can’t wait until this afternoon!

Playing Floor Hockey