Each Day September 4 2012


The last couple days I’ve been eating amazingly good – better than I have been in a couple months. It’s been awesome.

Then last night happened. I helped the boyfriend move yesterday afternoon for a couple hours, carrying boxes into the house. I was hot, tired, and sweaty by the time I left. I was hungry too, but I figured dinner was only an hour or so away, so I’d just wait to eat.

Dinner ended up being later than I thought. Much later – like 3 hours later. By that time I was ravenous, but I didn’t eat enough dinner. So twenty minutes later I ate a candy bar and Twizzlers for dessert. Cause eating a massive dessert and pumping myself full of sugar is better than having seconds of a healthy dinner, right?

My first lesson from last night is to make sure I eat before I get crazy hungry. Cause obviously letting myself get that hungry doesn’t work for me.

My second lesson is to not let it hang over me. Last night was last night. Today is today. Bad decisions last night don’t have to effect today. I’m capable of making good decisions today even though I messed up last night. I don’t have to keep making myself feel bad.

Today is a New Day