Bowmont September 4 2012

Here’s what I wanted to do in August:

Take it easy. I think I definitely nailed this one. I spent five days on vacation away from home, work, and everyday life. I needed that break because I didn’t realize how easy it is to let the little things stress me out more than they need to. Now that I know what a difference it makes, I’m definitely going to try to not hold onto things, especially when in the grand scheme of things, they don’t really matter.

Eat better. I’m still trying to work on this one, but I’m definitely in the habit of eating better than I have been the last little while. One thing that felt really good is that I didn’t gain any weight while I was in vacation. I wasn’t gone for too long, but it would have been really easy to eat out and go crazy with the desserts and snacks with the excuse of being on vacation.

This month here’s what I want to accomplish:

Go to Bowmont 3 times a week. I haven’t been spending as much time at Bowmont as I would like. Last summer I walked almost every day, but this summer I’m lucky if I get there once every two or three weeks. I want to make sure I enjoy it while it’s still warm and sunny out, because before I know it it’ll be winter already.

Journal 3 times a week. I journaled every morning while I was on vacation, That’s the most consistent I’ve been in months. I haven’t done it once since I’ve been back. While I don’t think I’d be able to go back to doing it daily right away, I think three times a week is definitely doable.

What are you working on this month?

September 2012 Goals