Yesterday afternoon my dad and I decided to go for a walk in a park not too far from the house. Even though it was a long weekend it wasn’t too crowded.

Baker Park September 2 212 (1)

The weather was perfect – the sun was shining but the wind kept it from getting too hot. There’s actually lots of paths to pick as you can see from the map. We ended up going pretty much the whole length of the park.

Baker Park September 2 212 (2)

There’s lots of trees there that provided some shade. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the big trees. Our neighbourhood is relatively new, so most of the trees aren’t as big as the ones in the park.

Baker Park September 2 212 (3)

The park used to be a hospital that treated people with TB. When it was built (in the 20’s) it wasn’t inside the city limits, but now there’s several communities between it and the edge of the city. When the hospital was torn down 30 or 40 years ago they decided to make it into a park.

Because of that history there are quite a few paths that lead off into nowhere, like this one that goes from a main path into some trees. It’s totally random, but kind of a cool reminder of the history of the park.

Baker Park September 2 212 (4)

The river was going pretty fast. Despite how nice it was the weather was the water still pretty cold.

Baker Park September 2 212 (5)

My dad wanted me to take a photo of him next to the bears. Don’t as me why. He’s kind of weird sometimes, but I love him.

Baker Park September 2 212 (6)

After our walk my dad “needed a little something”, so we ended up stopping at Starbucks. I got a passion tea lemonade. It’s my go-to warm weather drink at Starbucks since I’m not a coffee drinker.

Baker Park