As promised, here are the photos from the hike to Margaret Falls while I was on vacation. If you’re looking for details about other hikes I’ve been on, check out my hiking page.

Margaret Falls September 1 2012 (1)

The Margaret Falls trail is a hike in the easiest sense of the word. The path is packed dirt and flat. It only took 20 minutes to get to the falls and back to the car, with lots of stops to take photos and enjoy the view. It’s so easy to do, one of the people I went with was on crutches.

It was pretty cool in here compared to the parking lot. I don’t think much sunlight makes it down in here because the sides of the ravine are so steep on both sides. Because of the water running through it it was really moist.

Margaret Falls September 1 2012 (3)

It was very lush and green. There was something growing everywhere – even the dead trees that had fallen over had moss on them.

Margaret Falls September 1 2012 (5)

Because of the lack of sun, I found some leaves reaching up for some light.

Margaret Falls September 1 2012 (6)

The whole hike I felt like I was in a fairy tale – everything from the sounds of the water, to what it looked like – drew you right in.

Margaret Falls September 1 2012 (7)

Most of the trees were huge – I wouldn’t be able to guess how big they were, but they were really tall. You’d think they’d be pretty old if they were that big.

Margaret Falls September 1 2012 (4)

This was the amazing end to the hike – Margaret Falls! Just before you can see the falls you can hear them – they’re pretty loud. Apparently there’s a longer, harder hike that goes along the ravine but on the top. From that hike you can get an amazing view of Margaret Falls from above. I’d love to do that hike if I ever made it back there.

Have you been on any great hikes this summer?

Margaret Falls Hike