I thought I’d share about my vacation to Shuswap Lake. I spent 4 nights with a bunch of friends that I’ve known for 20ish years now. It was lots of fun and I’m so glad that everyone was able to make it out.

We rented a condo on Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. We had it for two weeks, and everyone was able to come for as long as they wanted and whenever they could during those two weeks. Shuswap Lake about a 7 hour drive from Calgary west through the mountains. While the scenery is beautiful along the highway, it’s also pretty curvy with lots of sheer cliffs on one side. It was definitely doable on my own, but next time I think it would be fun to road trip with a friend.

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Packing for this trip was surprisingly easy. I didn’t take too much (I only came back with two outfits I didn’t wear), but I also didn’t forget anything important. I managed to get everything into my suitcase, which doesn’t always happen.

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This was the lake we were on. The only time it was cold was first thing in the morning. The rest of the time the water was the perfect temperature. You could see tons of minnows from the dock, and one of my friends caught a fish!

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We had a little dock, a picnic table, and a little bit of pebbly beach to enjoy. I was always the first one up in the mornings, so I always brought my journal down to the water and enjoyed the scenery and wrote. It was also pretty nice to have it so quiet. At 6:30 in the mornings there’s not a lot going on on the water. I loved being able to have a bit of time to myself before everyone else got moving.

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This was the view we had from the condo. While it definitely could have been better without the power lines and trees, it was still pretty awesome. I worked on my tan while I was there. Even though I work  outside I’m still pretty pale. At least I came home a little tanner than I left, but I managed to avoid a sunburn. With my fair skin that’s an accomplishment!

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We ate all our meals outside on the deck. Somehow the food tasted better eating outdoors. The first couple days I was there, there were 12 of us, so it was definitely a full table.

My friend’s little one had his first birthday while we were there. He opened gifts (with the help of his older sister) and had lots of fun playing with them. We made him a birthday brownie instead of a cake. The oven broke earlier in the week, so we had to use the barbeque to bake the brownies. Once we got the barbeque set to the right temperature it actually worked pretty good.

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The last night I was there were had a gorgeous sunset. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was a great way to end the trip.

We went on a hike my third day there, but since I look so many pictures on it I thought I’d make that a post of it’s own. Here’s my Margaret Falls hike recap.

You can find all of my travel posts on my travel page.

Have you gone on vacation anywhere this summer? Where did you go?

Shuswap Lake Vacation

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