Lake Blind Bay August 2012

1. I got back from my vacation yesterday. I haven’t even been home for 24 hours yet, but I already miss the lake.

2. I was able to spend a couple hours every morning down on the dock all by myself. I watched the sunrise, journalled, and enjoyed the view. It’s my perfect idea of how to start the day.

3. When I got home last night I started unpacking immediately. I don’t know what it is, but I have to unpack right away. I can’t stand having a suitcase hang around for days.

4. The drive out there took 7 hours, but the drive home only took 6.5. I ended up stopping for meals both times, and I didn’t speed, so I have no idea why it took longer going than coming.

5. While I was on vacation the weather was amazing. Now that I’m back home, it’s cold and rainy outside. It’s hard to face, but I’d rather have this weather now rather than while I was on vacation.

6. As much as I enjoyed my time at the lake, there’s no way I’d be able to live there. I’m too much of a big city girl.

7. Tonight is date night. I have no idea what we’re doing.

8. Enjoy your weekend!

Fun Facts Friday –Vacation Edition