I Love Fridays August 17 2012


Why is it when you’re looking forward to something it always takes forever for it to come? That’s how this week has felt. I leave on Sunday for vacation, so today was my last day of work. It couldn’t come fast enough. I’m definitely enjoying this Friday better than most.

After work this morning I went out for lunch with my dad. We ended up decided on Vietnamese food, which was pretty tasty. I had to stop off to get a couple gift bags cause I’m celebrating two birthdays next week while I’m gone. For the girl who’s turning three I managed to find a Disney princess bag. It’ll be perfect for her.

Tonight I have a date, so for the rest of the afternoon I think I’ll be relaxing. Maybe I’ll grab my book and head out to the backyard to read.

Are you glad it’s Friday? Doing anything exciting this weekend?

It’s Finally Friday!