100 Push Ups Challenge


A couple months ago I tried doing the 100 Push Ups Challenge. I got to week three or four before I forgot to do it a couple days and I sort of gave up.

I’ve decided to give it another go though. This is my first week. I think the key for me to stick with it is to write it down to make sure I don’t forget to do them. Reminders are already in my day planner for the next couple weeks so I’m set. I’m thinking I’ll post an update once I’m half way through.

I’m not strong enough yet to do real push ups, so I’m doing the knee ones. Yeah, I’m cool like that. Even though I know they’re not as hard, it’s still amazing how tired my arms are by the time I’m done.

If you’re interested in checking out the 100 Push Ups Challenge for yourself, click here. If you decide to take it on, let me know. It would be awesome to cheer each other on!

100 Push Up Challenge