Long Weekend August 3 2012

1. It’s a long weekend! You can’t go wrong with Mondays that you don’t have to work.

2. It’s the second last long weekend of the summer. It’s gone by so fast already.

3. We had a rainy day here yesterday, but the weekend is supposed to be nice. I think we’re pretty lucky with that timing.

4. There’s a zucchini growing in the garden that I really want to pick, but I know I have to wait. It’s driving me crazy, cause I think it’s going to taste AMAZING!

5. Only two more weeks until my vacation starts. I’m so looking forward to it.

6. While on vacation, we’ll be celebrating the first birthday of a very special little guy. I can’t wait.

7. I’m thinking I’m going to take some time out to watch some Olympic soccer. The Canadian women’s team has made it to the quarter finals. Exciting!

8. Hoping you enjoy your weekend!

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