Apparently I forgot to hit publish on this post yesterday. Whoops. So here it is, better late than never, right?

Olympics July 28 2012

1. The Olympics are here. It feels like it’s taken forever for them to arrive, and I’m sure they’ll fly by way too fast.

2. I have birthday party plans tonight. It should be fun.

3. The work week is over! This week at work has seemed really long. I’m glad I have a few days off before I have to go back.

4. I’ve started sewing again this week. That means the quilt that I was trying to finish in time for Christmas is finally seeing the light of day again – only 7 months AFTER I wanted it done…..

5. Less than a month til I go on vacation. It’s my first vacation in a long time. I’m so looking forward to it.

6. I have a date this weekend. Fun stuff.

7. I usually listen to the radio when I’m at work. Lately it’s really been bugging me that they’re playing the same songs over and over, like every two hours. Really?!?! Is there only two hours worth of music out there?

8. Happy Friday! (Or should I say Saturday?)

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