This weekend seemed to be over before it even started. How does that always happen?

Smash Burger July 23 2012

After work on Friday I ended up at Smash Burger for lunch. I’d never been there before, but my brother had good things to say about it, so we decided to try it. I don’t know how many there are around, but this is only the second location in Calgary.

It actually ended up being pretty good. I’m not sure if it’ll be my go-to place for a burger from now on, but I’d definitely go back there again.

Drawer Organizers July 23 2012

I also went to the dollar store Friday afternoon. I found some drawer organizers for my new desk, so I thought I’d get a couple. They work perfectly since that drawer is so huge – it’s about twice the size of what’s in the photo. Before whatever I’d put in it would always slide right to the back, but now I can actually find whatever I need in the organizers. Yay!

Saturday night I went out for Chinese food to a place I’d never been to before. It was actually pretty good, except for the chow mien, which was kind of strange. I’d definitely go back there again, except order one of the other chow miens instead, or even try their rice.


Sunday I ended up going to see Batman, which I wasn’t planning on doing, but it was pretty fun. There were lots of explosions and bad guys, so it was definitely a guy movie.

Sunday night was leftover Chinese food, though I skipped the chow mien and picked the broccoli out of it instead, cause I’m cool like that. Before I knew it, it was time to head home.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Weekend in Review