Nibs July 20 2012

1. It’s supposed to cool off a bit next week. That’s awesome cause the last two weeks have been scorching!

2. Floor hockey last night was awesome – but oh so exhausting. I left smiling though, so that’s good. More about that later.

3. Is it surprising to anyone else that it’s July 20th already? I had to write the date on something at work today and it hit me that the summer is half over already. Shocking.

4. The 100 Push-up Challenge is starting next week. I’m going to have some huge points on Fitocracy from push-ups once I’m done.

5. I have a date tomorrow night that I’m looking forward to.

6. I bought those Nibs today. I’m pretty sure they’ll be gone my the end of the weekend. Yeah, you read that right. I may or may not have a huge sweet tooth.

7. I made a trip to the dollar store today. I found a couple name brand things. That always makes me excited – I love a good deal.

8. My weekend started early today. It always makes me happy when that happens.

9. Happy Friday!

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