Floor Hockey


My first floor hockey game is tonight. I’m pretty excited about it. I had played a few games a couple months ago, so I’m really looking forward to playing again.

Our schedule was posted a couple days ago, so I found out our team name. We’re the Gladiators! Since no one on the team knows each other, I’m pretty sure that our name was assigned to us. I like it though. Some of the other team names on the schedule are pretty funny.

Even though I’m really excited about it, I’m also kind of nervous. What if I’m not good enough? What if I let my teammates down? I know part of it is the unknown. I haven’t met any of my teammates, I haven’t played organized floor hockey before. The nerves are about not knowing what’s going to happen.

On the other hand though, it’s a rec league. It doesn’t really matter if we lose or if I miss the shot. It’s not competitive so it shouldn’t be too intense. I know I was pretty nervous about playing soccer before the first game too, but it turned out to be pretty awesome. I need to remember that I’ll have fun and not stress about it before it happens.

Wish me luck tonight!

Floor Hockey, Here I Come!