Thanks to Canada Day on Sunday, we had a long weekend. Somehow having that extra day off feels better than it actually is. I know it’s only 24 hours extra, but it always seems like more.

Friday I was utterly exhausted from the week so I was really cool and ended up watching TV and going to bed early.

Taboo July 3 2012

Saturday I went over to a friend’s place to help celebrate her birthday. Her birthday was back in the middle of May, so it was about time we all got together. We ended up eating samosas and playing Taboo. I had two veggie ones which were delicious! I need to find out where my friend got them from. Taboo was pretty fun, everyone’s mind was in the gutter though, so we had some pretty funny guesses.

Sunday afternoon I already posted about here.

Hail in the Garden July 3 2012

Sunday afternoon we had a pretty good thunderstorm. We got quite a bit of hail. All that white stuff in the garden is hail. Luckily it was only pea sized, but it did a number on the veggies. The smaller veggies (salad and radishes) that were planted from seed a couple weeks ago made it out relatively good, but it was the cucumber and zucchini plants that really suffered with their big leaves. I think one cucumber plant isn’t going to survive – it’s looking pretty sad at the moment,

The Help July 3 2012

I spent a good chunk of the weekend reading The Help. I’ve seen the movie and really liked it, so I decided to order the book a couple weeks ago. So far it’s been really hard to put down. As in I come to the end of a chapter, where I should stop reading, but instead tell myself I’ll only read a couple more pages, and 45 minutes later I finally put it down. It’s that kind of book.

It’s back to work this morning, but the good news is that it’s only a four day work week. Yay!

Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?

Long Weekend in Review

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