Better late than never, right? Here’s what I did over the weekend.

Greek Festival June 26 2012 (4)

Friday after work my dad and I headed down to the Greek Festival that was being put on. The main attraction for the two of us was definitely the food. We both ended up getting the chicken souvlaki and a side of pita and tzatziki. Both were pretty good.

Greek Festival June 26 2012 (5)

I asked my dad why he was making a face and he told me that was his “tzatziki face”. Apparently he had been craving it for awhile and thought that face conveyed how much he needed it.

While we were eating the Euro 2012 game was on – Greece vs Germany. The place just about erupted with cheering when Greece scored and tied up the game.

Greek Festival June 26 2012 (1)

We finished off the meal with baklava. Seriously, it has to be one of my favourite desserts. I almost (almost) couldn’t finish it cause it was such a big piece, but it would be a shame to let it go to waste, right?

Sugar Cookies June 26 2012 (2)

Saturday afternoon I made sugar cookies. They turned out pretty good (they didn’t last very long so they must have been tasty), though the only thing I would have changed was to bake them for a few minutes longer. You’ll hear more about these cookies later though.

Bowmont June 26 2012

Sunday I took it pretty easy. I went for a two and a half hour walk with a friend in Bowmont. Two and a half hours of walking and didn’t even cover half the park – I just gave her the “Highlights According to Fiona Tour”. It was from this spot that we saw a deer down in the valley. We both saw something moving down there and at first thought it was a dog (most of Bowmont is off-leash), but then we realized it was way too big to be a dog.

Dirty Socks from Bowmont June 26 2012

The walk started off a little bit rainy, but after about half an hour it stopped. Needless to say though that the grass, boardwalks, and trails were all still wet though. I wore my runners instead of my trail shoes like I probably should have. When I got home I realized how wet and dirty my socks got. It was definitely worth it though. It was a beautiful walk and I got to spend some time with a really good friend.

Weekend in Review

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