Nothing Worth H aving Comes Easy June 23 2012


Someone I hadn’t seen for awhile messaged me on Facebook me to ask what my secret was to losing weight. We were at a function together, and at first she said she didn’t recognize me when she first saw me. She wanted to know what my secret was – what program I was on, what workout I was doing, what pill I was taking.

The truth is, there is no secret. It’s common sense. I eat less and move more. There’s no secret food, workout, or pill. It’s not hard, but people always seem to want to take the easy way out instead of putting in the hard work (I’m definitely guilty of that myself).

I think the whole diet industry in general is pretty good proof that none of it works. If it was as easy as taking a pill or doing the “right” workout, everyone would be thin. There’s no shortcut for losing weight. It’s about putting in the effort to get your workouts in and preparing healthy food.

Why would losing weight be different from anything else in life? It takes lots of studying to get A’s in school. Getting a promotion at work requires hard work and proving you’re up to it. Everything worth getting takes effort, getting in shape is no different.

Part of it is also educating yourself. It means listening to people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to nutrition and fitness. It means not buying into the hype of the latest trendy thing – whether it’s a shake, a workout that requires minimal effort, or a pill. It’s about listening to science rather than marketing.

A couple years ago during a job interview I was asked one thing that I was proud of myself for. My answer was losing weight. A good chunk of the rest of our conversation was her trying to figure out my “secret”. I kept trying to tell her there wasn’t one, that I had just changed the way I ate and moved, but she didn’t want to believe me.

The “Secret” to Losing Weight

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