1. I’m looking forward to this weekend. It’ll hopefully be full of Greek food, friends, and a drink or two, and a walk along the river. Sounds pretty good already, doesn’t it?

2. I refuse to let the fact that it’s supposed to rain ALL weekend put a damper on my fun. I don’t have to work (well I do a little on Saturday, but that’s besides the point), so I’m going to make myself enjoy my time off.

3. On the bright side the rain will mean my garden will be growing. Right now we have lettuce, radishes, peas, zucchini, cucumber, and a couple other things growing. It makes me happy whenever I see something else starting to come up.

4. I’m going to see Snow White and the Huntsman tonight with some friends. It looks pretty good, doesn’t it?


5. I plan on sleeping on both Saturday and Sunday. I’m exhausted and I’m going to let myself catch up on the sleep I’ve missed this week.

6. I only have one more soccer game left in the season. That makes me pretty sad. On the up side though, there will be food, drinks, and lots of celebrating after the game.

7. On the other hand I’ll be happy to not have to deal with sweaty shin guards or socks.

8. I’ll be watching lots of Euro 2012 soccer this weekend. I’m hoping the teams I’m rooting for will play well!

9. Being single stinks. For real.  Anyone know any cute guys in their late 20’s or early 30’s? Smile

10. The last three facts took me a good twenty minutes to come up with, and I can’t think of the last one, so you’re getting a fake 10th fact. I’m just a good blogger like that.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re doing!

Fun Facts Friday