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Tell me I’m not the only one totally engrossed in the Euro 2012 tournament. Even if I find out the score of the game before I have a chance to watch it, it’s still exciting to see the action happen.

Now that I’ve been playing soccer for two months (has it really been that long already!?!?), I love getting a chance to see how the pros do it. Goal kicks that cover 3/4 of the field, amazing head butts, and the control players have while running up the field with the ball are awe inspiring – especially to someone like me who has next to no soccer skills to speak of.

When I was in Europe last time it was a couple months before the World Cup. People were already getting pretty excited. It was on TV and newspapers everywhere there. I would almost relate it to the hockey post season here in Canada, but in Europe it felt a lot bigger because so many countries were involved.

I would love to attend a soccer game in Europe. It would be so much fun being in a stadium of people so passionate about a sport. It think it would be very different from any hockey game I’ve ever been to, even the ones with huge rivalries (Calgary-Edmonton, anyone?)

If you’re interesting in the standings, head on over to the Euro 2012 site here.

Right now I’m rooting for England, Germany and Italy. It would be awesome to see any one of those teams win it. Who are you cheering for?

Euro 2012

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