Passion tea lemonde June 18 2012

Friday afternoon when I was done work I had a coffee date with a friend. We were supposed to go for a walk the night before, but we both decided coffee on Friday would work better for both of us instead. It was great to be able to spend some time together talking. Even though it hadn’t been even been a week since I last saw her, we still found lots to talk about. I ended up getting my usual passion tea lemonade. They’re so tasty and refreshing I don’t even think about trying anything else.

Sunnyside June 18 2012

Saturday morning I went to the garden centre with my dad to get some flowers. The place we went to is huge. They have tons of plants in all different colors. It was tough to only pick my favourites. In addition to the flowers, we also got some basil and rosemary.

Mucho Burrito June 18 2012

After unloading all the plants in the backyard once we got home, we decided it was time for lunch, so we went to Mucho Burrito (basically  a Mexican Subway) where I got  veggie quesadilla. I know I’ve gotten it before, but apparently I forgot how tasty they are, cause it was delicious! When I was asked if I wanted guacamole I said “of course!” It’s one of my favourites.

Blueberry Scones Baked June 18 2012

I had told me dad I would bake him something for Father’s Day. He always says I never make anything he likes, though he always eats my baking. I’m thinking he only said that so that I would offer to make him something special. He decided on something for breakfast, so it was down to either blueberry muffins or blueberry scones. I pulled a couple recipes for him to pick from, and he picked the scones. So I spent Saturday afternoon baking the scones.

Saturday night I went to a friend’s place for a couple hours. We spent some time walking in a really pretty park. Afterwards  went for Slurpees cause my friend was craving them. We ended up playing a card game once we got back to her place. You had to make up a newspaper headline with the words on the cards in your hand. Needless so say, we came up with some pretty crazy ones.

Concert at Baker Park June 18 2012

Sunday afternoon I ended up going for a walk with my dad to one of the nearby parks that go along the river. There was actually a concert going on when we got there. After listening to the band for a bit we decided to continue on the walk. It was perfect walking whether. The sun was out so it was warm, but there was a breeze so it wasn’t too hot.

Bow River from Baker Park June 18 2012

The water is still pretty high and murky from all the rain we’ve had lately, plus the runoff from the mountains. It’ll be nice once it goes back down and the paths along the river that are closed are opened up again.

Lilacs June 18 2012

The lilacs are just about done blooming. I figured I’d get a picture of them before they’re all gone. It’s pretty cool to walk past one and smell them. They’re probably one of my favourite flowers when it comes to scent.

After the walk we had our Father’s Day dinner. My brother barbecued hamburgers for us. It was a pretty tasty meal. Since we were all stuffed with hamburgers and potato salad, we decided to wait awhile before we dug into the ice cream.

Very Valentine June 18 2012

I’m still slowly making my way through this book. I always think I’ll have lots of time to read, but it’s hard to fit it in sometimes. Valentine’s brother is driving me crazy. Maybe he’ll change by the end of the book, or I’ll understand why he does what he does, but right now I can’t stand him. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens between Valentine and her love interest. Their first date went very well!

Father’s Day Weekend

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