A couple months ago (April I think?) I ordered some shorts online. It’s been awhile since I’ve bought shorts, so I probably shouldn’t have done it online, but what can I say? I needed them and had put off going to the store to get them cause I didn’t want to spend forever in the fitting room.

Shorts June 16 2012 (1)

I ended up deciding to go with these ones. One thing I knew I wanted in a pair of shorts was length. I find a lot of shorts just too short. These ones come to 5 or 6 inches of my knees. That makes me happy. They’re comfortable enough that I feel like I can do just about anything in them.

They’re made of a mesh fabric, so they’re nice and cool too. However the mesh does bring up a small problem. You can see through them. That makes it kind of awkward when you want to wear them in public.

Shorts June 16 2012

Problem solved though, with the purchase of compression shorts! Now no one is the wiser that they’re see through. Plus, because the mesh ones are a little baggy, the compression shorts deal with any kind of chafing that could happen.

I’ve been using them to play soccer for the last couple months and I’m really happy with them. I usually don’t buy clothes online, but after this success I might have to try it again.

What was the last thing you bought online?

Not So Short Shorts

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  • June 17, 2012 at 12:36 am

    I haven’t bought anything on line for a long time but I quite fancy getting a pair of sunglasses for running. I just have this notion that there were some that were made in the UK and got good reviews but can’t remember the brand. I need to go and google harder.

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