1. I did something to my knee on Tuesday night at soccer. A teammate ran into me and I fell, twisting my knee as I went. Ironically that’s how I hurt my knee last time – a teammate ran into me. I’ve iced it a couple times so far and it’s feeling better so that’s good.

Very Valentine June 15 2012

2.  I started reading this book. So far I’m really liking it. It’s about an Italian family in NYC who own a shoemaking business.

3. I managed to get myself invited to Pinerly. I haven’t had much time to look around yet, but so far it looks pretty awesome. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it basically provides you with stats for Pinterest. Interesting stuff.

4.  I got a package in the mail yesterday! It was one of the books that I ordered online last week. My mom asked me what it was about, and when I told her “the post-colonial history of Africa” she wanted to know why I would read that for fun. Apparently I’m a weirdo, but it looks REALLY interesting to me.

5. Next week is my last week of soccer. I’m pretty bummed about that. When the season first started in April it seemed like it would take forever for it to end, and now it’s almost over. I’m definitely going to sign up for this league again next year.

Wild Blue Flax June 15 2012

6, This is what I do at work. Seriously, I get to work with beautiful plants all day long. I saw this one when I was leaving for the day yesterday and I couldn’t not take a picture.

7. Last but not least, I’m about to head out to get a coffee with a friend. This has been a long week, so I’m pretty excited to be able to spend some time talking to one of my favourite people.

Fun Facts Friday