I was done work early on Friday so I went home, ate lunch, then headed out to Ikea to look for a desk.

I didn’t want something too big, and I also had a budget. Of course once I got there, the desks I was immediately called to were big and expensive. Isn’t that always how it goes?

Soccer Weekend June 4 2012

I finally decided on this one. I wasn’t totally sure on the color when we were at Ikea, but then again nothing ever looks the same color at the store compared to when you get it home. It’s the lights, I tell you!

Soccer Weekend June 4 2012 (1)

So the plan was to paint it once I put it together, but how that I’ve had it for a couple days at home, the color looks different (thankfully) and it’s actually starting to grow on me. I bought the chair there too. Pretty cute, huh? I really like the wicker look.

Saturday my soccer tournament started. Of the league I play in, enough people were interested in the tournament to make up two teams. There were three other teams playing, so we played four games.

We tied our first game. it was actually perfect weather for soccer playing – a little sunny but a little overcast too – so we didn’t get wet, but for the last ten minutes we got rained on. Luckily the field didn’t get too wet though.


Our second game on Saturday was an hour and a half later so we had time to go get lunch. I ended up coming home and making a Greek salad and a granola bar. I knew I would have to do a lot of running soon, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t eat something that was going to make me sick.

Soccer Weekend June 4 2012 (3)

We won our second game with a shutout! We were playing really well. We had perfected where each line was playing and were communicating with each other. By the time the game was done I was exhausted. It’s amazing how running around for a couple of games leaves you feeling so tired.

Our first game on Sunday started bright and early at nine. We played amazingly, and won again with another shut out! We were pretty excited to say the least.

We played our fourth game right away, with only a twenty minute break. Unfortunately we were playing the best team in the tourney (the other team from our league), and they simply outplayed us, so we ended up losing. Their passing was better and they were running faster. It also didn’t hurt that they had eight subs compared to our three, so they had fresher legs.

We ended up placing second, which meant we moved on to the gold/silver game against the team that beat us. Both teams were pretty exhausted though, having played four games in a little over 24 hours, so we decided to cancel the last game. It would have been three games in four hours, and I bet there would have been more injuries because people were so tired.

I think our team was happy with placing second place though. At least I felt pretty good about it. It also helped that we had some awesome coaching. It’s amazing how hard it is to see how the other team plays when you’re on the field playing yourself, so it’s always nice to have a set of eyes on the sidelines.

2012-06-03 13.48.16

By the time I got home I was famished! It was a little after one by the time I was showered, so it was definitely time for lunch. I ended up making a cheese pizza and cooking it on the barbeque. I ate it with a nice cold Corona. Seriously, I think that was the best tasting beer I’ve ever had.

Soccer Weekend June 4 2012 (2)

I spent the rest of my Sunday relaxing (it’s amazing how sore you get, but then again I did play a lot of soccer this weekend) and reading The Other Queen. I’m still not done it yet, but I’m hoping to finish it some time this week.

Soccer Weekend June 4 2012 (5)

I also watched Mad Men Sunday night. This is definitely my favourite season so far. Seriously, this has to be one of the most well written shows on TV right now. (I would write more about it, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers – there’s been so much going on the last few episodes.)

You know what I did this weekend. What did you do?

A Soccer Filled Weekend

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