June Goals


It’s June already! How did this happen? I’m always surprised how fast time seems to go.

Here’s what I wanted to do in May:

Work out regularly. I’ve been getting in about four workouts a week. Soccer twice a week, one run, and one walk. I’m feeling pretty comfortable with it, so I think I’m going to try adding in another run or two every week.

Post consistently. I started out the month pretty good, but the last couple weeks the blog has been lacking. I have a couple posts scheduled though, so hopefully I’ll be back on track sooner rather than later.

Journal five times a week. I tried something new a couple weeks ago. I started journaling before going to work in the mornings. I found that was the best time for me to do it, before the day started and I got distracted. I think if I want to keep journaling consistently, I’ll have to continue doing it in the mornings.

Here’s what I want to accomplish in June.

Go to bed earlier. I know I’ve had this as my goal before, but I haven’t been doing it lately. It’s hard sometimes to go to bed with the sun staying out later, but it’s so much harder to get up in het mornings if I’m still awake at 10.

Spend more time outside. Whether that means going for more walks or even just sitting outside while reading, I want to be outside more. We have such cold, snowy weather for 6 months of the year here, now that it’s nice out I want to make sure that I’m enjoying it.

What are your goals for June?

June Goals

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