Soccer Tournament May 2012


This weekend I’ll be playing in my very first tournament. I’m pretty excited about it to be honest. I never thought that a year ago I would be playing any kind of team sport, let alone a tournament.

The league that I play in Tuesday and Thursday nights always sends a couple teams. Because not everyone in our league is able to play in the tournament, the league director divides everyone who’s interested in playing into a couple teams. It sounds like there’s quite a few people from my team going to the tournament, so that’ll be good.

We’re guaranteed to play at least four games from Friday to Sunday. If we play well there will be an extra game or two. It’s a non-competitive tournament, just like our league, so there won’t be an trophies or medals awarded.

Our team captain was talking about the tournament a couple weeks ago and she said that some of the teams take it pretty seriously. I totally understand wanting to play well, but I don’t get taking it so seriously that you’re dropping f-bombs every time something doesn’t go right for your team. It should be fun, not stressful.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Soccer Tournament