Last Physio Appointment May 30 2012


Last week I had my very last physio appointment! Woohoo! My foot with the plantar fasciitis isn’t quite 100% yet, but it’s definitely a lot better than it was. My therapist said he thought I could do the last little bit on my own. I have to stick with the stretching and golf ball rolling like I’ve been doing. Easy peasy.

I mentioned to him a couple weeks ago that this weekend I was going to be playing in a soccer tournament. That means I’ll be doing a lot of running Friday to Sunday. I know I’m going to have some pain because of all the activity, so he suggested taping it. It’ll be my first time trying to do that, so hopefully I’ll do it right and it’ll help.

If you’re debating about whether or not to go to physio for an injury, I would definitely recommend giving it at least one appointment. It gave me piece of mind knowing that there was nothing seriously wrong when I hurt my knee. Knowing that I’m doing everything I can to deal with the plantar fasciitis feels pretty good too.

To be honest though, I think I’m going to miss watching the little guys play hockey while I’m doing my run/walk intervals on the treadmill.

Last Physio Appointment