Remember those seeds I started a couple months ago? Well they’ve grown. A lot.

Those are the zucchini’s. While the cucumbers and tomatoes are doing great too, the zucchini’s needed some major help. They were too big for the cups that I had them planted in.

I ended up getting some pots at the dollar store to plant them into. Really, they’re not going to be in these for too long cause they’re eventually going into the garden once it gets nice enough outside, so pots from the dollar store will do just fine.

I ended up re-potting this tomato too cause it was looking pretty sad – he needed room to grow! While this isn’t one of the ones that I started from seed, he was still only four or five inches tall when I bought him. He’s grown a lot since then, and he even has flowers that will be blooming in a couple weeks!

Once I had them all transplanted I took them outside for a little bit so that I could water them in good. Don’t they look a lot happier now?