I got new runners on Friday! Aren’t they cute?

I decided I needed to get new ones a week ago when I discovered there was a hole in them, that I could see the big toe on my right foot peeking out. Holes in shoes are never good.

I had some errands to do Friday afternoon after work, and I ended up not far from the running store that I always get my shoes from, The Running Room. I knew I wanted the same model that I have, just new ones. I’ve never had shoes before that my feet have felt so good in. I think this is the third or fourth pair of these ones that I’ve bought.

While they definitely weren’t cheap, they weren’t crazy expensive either. If you’re new to running or wondering if it’s worth spending money on a good pair of running shoes, the answer is YES! They make all the difference. Seriously. Take the time to go to an actual running store (no, the big box sport stores don’t count) with staff that will watch you walk and run to help you pick the right pair of shoes for you.

I generally like to wear new runners in slowly, so I’ll be alternating running in my new ones with my old ones for about a month. Blisters aren’t fun. Luckily I’ll be able to wear my old ones to the Mud Hero race in July. If they don’t make it through (aka they’re totally muddy and waterlogged), that’ll be okay.

Think my new ones will make me run faster?

New Runners