The last couple Sunday afternoons I’ve been playing floor hockey. A friend of mine wanted to get a game going at his church. Unfortunately about half the people who usually come are on a soccer team together, and their league started up a week or two ago. That means the numbers at our games have been dwindling. On Sunday there were only five of us – two on two with one goalie.

Even though I only got to play a couple weeks, I had soooo much fun! I haven’t played floor hockey in a long time – probably in about fifteen years if the last time I played in junior high phys ed. I really wasn’t sure if I’d like it the first time I went, but it was great.

Playing floor hockey has been a great confidence booster for me. While I’m not great by any means, I’ve gotten compliments from other players. Apparently I look like I know what I’m doing. I got told that I was really energetic cause I never stop running and going after the ball.

It’s been great playing against all kinds of skill levels too. Seeing someone else accidentally pass to someone on the opposite team makes me feel a little better when I do the exact same thing two minutes later. One guy has been playing for most of his life – he’s pretty athletic in general, but he’s an awesome hockey player. Playing with him and seeing how he does things has without a doubt made me a better player.

I’ve really enjoyed getting the opportunity to play floor hockey. In fact, I liked it so much I’m thinking about signing up to play it in the fall.

Floor Hockey

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