Here’s what I wanted to do in April:

Walk at least twice a week in Bowmont. This totally didn’t happen. The month started off kind of crazy crazy because of some family stuff, and it never quite got back on track. I definitely made it to Bowmont quite a few times, but not as much as I wanted to.

Go to bed early. This also didn’t happen. I definitely felt better the nights I did go to bed earlier, but it was hard to pull off consistently.

Journal five times a week. This goal was exceptionally bad. I think I journalled once or twice a week, at most. I really need to get back to doing this. I used to be so good at it, it felt weird not doing it everyday. The thing with journalling is that I need to make time during the day to do it. If I leave it til right before I go to bed, I’m too tired and it doesn’t happen.

Here’s what I want to do in May:

Workout Regularly. I’ve been slacking off majorly when it come to getting my workouts in lately. The lack of motivation is a whole other post, but in terms of goals for the month, I’d like to get back to getting five workouts in every week.

Post consistently. The blog has been suffering lately. Usually I like to have things ready to go about a week ahead of time. At the very least I like to know what I’m going to write about. But I haven’t been so great at that for the last little bit. My goal is five posts a week.

Journal five times a week. Same goal as in April. It needs to happen – I feel so much better when I do it consistently. I workout more and I eat better. Enough said.

Now that you know what I’m trying to work on, what are you trying to improve on in May?

May Goals