I haven’t been hiking in the mountains since September. I think I’m going through withdrawal – I miss it so much.

Even though there’s no snow here in the city, that doesn’t mean that there’s none in the mountains. That photo is Lake Louise in May. Yeah, that’s a lot of ice and snow still. So you can understand why it’s hard to wait so long to get back to hiking in the mountains.

A couple years ago there was a hike that I tried to do in April that went up a canyon. There was way too much snow to go very far because the sun couldn’t get into the canyon very well to melt the snow. I went back in July with a couple friends and we were finally able to do it cause the snow was finally gone.

So instead of actually hiking I’ve been reading about it. That right there is my favorite trail guide. It lists hundreds of hikes in Alberta and BC, from Waterton to Jasper. I’ve been putting post-it notes on the ones that I really want to do this year. Unfortunately there’s way more than I could do realistically in one summer (or probably even two :)), so I’ll have to pick and choose.

And cause I thought it was pretty cool I wanted to share this video with you. It’s a wildlife camera in Banff time lapsed for an entire year.

I Miss the Mountains