Tuesday night at soccer I was having a lot of fun. We had our teams finalized and even had jerseys. It’s so much easier to know who to pass to when there’s only two colors on the field! It started off as a great night.

Then with ten or fifteen minutes left in the game I got hurt. I was watching the ball come down the field towards me from the left. Someone on the other team was coming towards me from the right. Cause I was watching the ball I didn’t see her coming, and when I finally did realize she was there I didn’t have time to move. As I was knocked over I twisted my knee weird. While it definitely hurt a little I finished playing the game.

It wasn’t til that night around 2 am when I went to roll over in bed that my knee really started to hurt. It hurt so much it woke me up.

Luckily I already had a physio appointment the next day. He got to work trying to figure out what was wrong. It’s amazing that after 15 minutes of moving my knee around and asking me questions he can know what’s wrong. Apparently it’s nothing serious and I should be back playing soccer next week. For the time being I need to take it easy, ice and elevate it four times a day, and stretch. If it’s not hurting anymore by Sunday I can even play floor hockey! Though he did tell me to take lots of breaks.

Right now it’s feeling a lot better than it did on Wednesday morning. It still feels stiff and tight, and I have to be careful when I’m going down stairs or twisting my knee, but I’m so glad it’s getting better so fast. You don’t realize how much you take being healthy for granted til something happens and you get sick or injured.

I Did Something to my Knee

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