Last week I got my cleats for the recreational soccer that I signed up for. Aren’t they cute? I’m pretty sure this is as pretty as they’re ever going to be – once I’ve been to a couple more games they’re going to get dirty.

Since I have big feet, I ended up getting a pair of men’s ones. But to be honest, I like them a lot more than the women’s horribly ugly pink cleats. I’m so not a girly girl. I like blue and green a lot more.

In addition to having big feet, apparently I also have long shins. The guy helping me pick out shin guards out kept having to go up sizes to find ones that were long enough. I never thought I had long legs, but maybe they’re longer than I thought.

This is the first time I’ve played soccer since elementary or junior high school. Does anyone have any soccer tips for me?

My New Cleats