I’ve worked out twice this week so far. That’s better than last week already. Hopefully I’ll stay on track and get five workouts in this week. I’m looking forward to running again. I’m almost craving it. I think the hard part will be to not over do it. I need to remember than I haven’t run for the last two weeks, and I’m still trying to give my foot time to heal. No matter how good it feels in the moment, I need to take it easy.

Things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. I’m at least a little less stressed out, I’m sleeping more, and the plan is to go back to work today. All good things. I think once life feels more like life instead of chaos it’ll be easier to get my workouts in. I didn’t realize how much I liked my daily routine til it wasn’t there anymore.

So the next week is going to be about getting back into the groove.

Boot Camp

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