A couple weeks ago I went to the dollar store to get some supplies to start seeds indoors. There’s still some snow outside, and the last frost date here isn’t til the end of May, so I generally can’t start planting outside til then. Starting seeds inside is the perfect solution.

At the dollar store I bought some plastic cups and a couple containers to put them in – substantially cheaper than those seed starting trays you get at the garden center. Plus because the cups are so much bigger, they probably won’t have to be transplanted before they go outside.

I put holes in the bottom of the cups for drainage. I won’t mention how many times I almost took off a finger – it’s definitely harder than it looks!

I filled them with some potting soil, planted the seeds, and watered them in well. I have tomato, zuchini, and cucumber started. I wanted to get a couple other veggies going too, but it’s still too early to start those ones. It was pretty tempting to plant them though.

I started them two weekends ago, and there’s already a couple zuchinis and cucumbers sprouting. I’m so excited! It now feels like spring might almost be on the way.

If you’re a gardener have you started any seeds? For those of you in warmer climates, have you started gardening outside yet?