I found fresh blueberries on sale at the grocery store the other day so I snatched them up. It’s hard to pass up stuff like that in the middle of winter. I crave anything fresh that you can’t get locally cause of winter. One day I would love to live somewhere warm where there’s lots and lots of fresh fruit year round. You really can’t go wrong with muffins, can you? Apparently not, cause I couldn’t wait to take a photo before I tested one, hence there only being 11 muffins in the photo.

I looked in a couple cookbooks for some recipes to make with the blueberries, and I ended up deciding on blueberry muffins from the America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook. It’s actually a variation of the same recipe as the Orange Cranberry Muffins that I’ve made before (they were delicious BTW).

The blueberries tasted really good (maybe it’s cause it’s been so long since I’ve had fresh ones?). I’d like to chalk it up to my baking skills, but really I think the berries would have been just as tasty on their own. I would definitely make these muffins again.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins