My birthday was back in November. It was the big 29. Less than one year left in my twenties. That’s absolutely terrifying. Seriously.

So I thought I wanted to do something special. So I made a list of things that I want to do before I turn 30. There’s lots of different stuff on there, everything from hiking to the top of a mountain to visiting Vancouver again.

Some things will definitely be hard to do. I was telling a friend about my list and she really encouraged me to do every single thing on it. She said “Heather, imagine what it’ll feel like to look back on your 30th birthday and see all the things you’ve accomplished.” She was absolutely right. It’ll feel amazing to know that I’ve done a lot of hard things.

I have 19 things on my list. Right now I’ve done 3 of them. There’s a few of them that can’t happen til later (there’s a race I want to do in September), but so far I feel like I’m on track.

If you had a list, what’s one thing that would be on it?

30 by 30 List

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