I have a serious lack of motivation these days. Actually it’s been more like a couple weeks if I’m honest.

I think I’ve only run once since January started. Pathetic, I know. Last night I almost didn’t go to yoga. My excuse was going to be that it was too cold (it was actually really cold, think -37, but that’s besides the point). I ended up going cause I didn’t want to feel like I wasted money.

My eating has been all over the place too. It’s bad. Too many sweets and not enough veggies.

It’s weird, cause I don’t remember feeling this unmotivated before. I don’t know where my motivation is, but it’s hiding pretty good. So I’m trying to figure out how to motivate myself again. Cause going on like things are at the moment isn’t going to work. I feel bad about myself, and I don’t like feeling like that.

Any suggestions?

Lack of Motivation

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