Monday night was my first yoga class. I was definitely excited about it, but also a little scared terrified. Even though it was an intro to yoga class I had somehow convinced myself that everyone else was going to know what they were doing, and I was going to be totally clueless about everything.

But of course it wasn’t bad at all. Once I got started all I could think about was what I was doing – I’m so uncoordinated it took a lot of concentration to get my body to do what I wanted it to. Who knew that turning one foot a little to the left would make my hips do weird things?

I wasn’t worried about what I looked like or if I was doing things perfectly. I was doing the best that I could. While it might not be very good right now, I’m pretty sure that in two months when my class is over I’ll be significantly better.

This class was recommended to me by a former co-worker who teaches classes at the same place. I had asked her for some suggestions for classes, and I guess I never told her that I ended up signing up for this one.  So this morning I got an email from her, saying she saw my name on the class list, and she wanted to wish me luck and tell me that it was a very brave thing for me to do. Haha, she knows me too well. Her email made me smile, and it was a great thing for me to see first thing in the morning.

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My First Yoga Class

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