Here’s what I wanted to accomplish last month:

Journal – I’ve definitely been journaling more than I have before, but it’s still not quite where I want it to be. I’ll be working in this goal again in January.

Be active – Yeah, this definitely didn’t happen much in December. It was pretty pathetic actually. Boo.

Eat better – I didn’t have much success with this goal either. I mean Christmas happened and there were dinner and baking and candy. It was hard. And I gave in. Too often.

I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt the same goals as I did in December, but make them more specific (cause I guess I should follow my own advice), and see how it goes.

Journal – I know I do better with my eating when I journal, so I’m going to commit to journaling six times a week. I used to do it every day, so I know this is doable. That means 24 journal entries for January.

Be Active – I start my yoga class on Monday, so that’s at least one day I’ll be working out. I’d like to be running three times a week as well. That’s a total of four workouts each week, for a total of 16 total for the month.

Eat Better – This will be the hardest one I think. It’s always hard to get back to eating well when I’ve been eating all the wrong things. I’ve decided to start tracking what I’m putting into my body. That will help keep me accountable. It’s what I need right now.

Goals for the Month (6)