I’m officially signed up for a yoga class. If you told me a year ago I would have wanted to go to a yoga class, I would say you were crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Last year a co-worker was taking a yoga teacher course. In April she was having a “practice class” to prepare for her practical exam. She invited me to come, and I was honored to be invited and support her. It was definitely a very scary thing to do (I had never been to a yoga class in my life), but I did it. Was the class hard? Definitely. It was an advanced one, so there was lots and lots of stuff that I couldn’t do, but I tried to be okay with that and do the stuff that I could. By the time the class was over, I was exhausted, but I was really glad I went.

I’ve been thinking the last few months about taking a beginner class. So I emailed her a couple weeks ago to see if she had any suggestions, and she gave me some great advice. So now I’m enrolled in my very first yoga class.

And I might even be a little excited about it.

Doing Scary Things