The last little while has been pretty stressful for me. It’s a tough time of year.

Part of the reason why it’s been so hard is because I haven’t been working out consistently. I guess I didn’t realize what a great stress buster it is for me.

Today I ran for the first time in a month. I know, it’s horrible. But I got out of bed early, got into my running clothes, and hopped on the treadmill, where I stayed for 27 minutes, even though I felt like getting off about a million times.

I’m so glad I did it, and then stuck with it, cause it felt so incredibly good. Seriously good.

Then I made time this afternoon to go for a walk in Bowmont. It was only half an hour, but it was so great to be outside, being able to enjoy the river and the pretty views. It gives me time and space to think and get things figured out.

It’s so easy for me to let working out be one of the first things that gets dropped when things get hard, but it’s exactly the thing that I need to stick with the most. I need to remember how good it feels.