I thought I should put a warning at the beginning of this post that there will be talk of dog poop. So if you’re squeamish, don’t read any further.

This is Bailey. 99% of the time he’s an amazing although sometimes grumpy (he is 14 years old after all) little guy.

I take him to Bowmont for walks once or twice a week. I’ve never had a problem having him in the car for the drive there. In fact I’ve never had a problem with him in the car period, no matter where we were going. But I guess there’s a first time for everything.

This week I laid down the blanket in the back seat and put Bailey back there, and started the 5 minute drive to Bowmont. About half way there he started crying. I had no idea why. A minute or two later when we were there, I got out of the car, opened the back door to get Bailey out, when I saw what he was crying about.

He had pooped in the back seat.

I probably should have been a little mad, but instead I smiled cause I thought it was funny. Apparently he couldn’t wait for Bowmont, but once he had pooped, he didn’t realize he’d have to spend the next couple minutes with it. He wasn’t happy about that, so that’s when he started crying.

It’s a good thing I always put the blanket down whenever I have him in the car, so it didn’t actually touch the seat. So I grabbed a bag and picked it up.

We had our walk as usual (he didn’t poop during the walk, of course), and luckily the drive home was uneventful.

Bailey, Bowmont, and Poop

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