This is my dog, Bailey. He’s a Cocker Spaniel. Why am I sharing dark pictures of him? Cause he’s so cute of course!

10 minutes before this picture was taken he came upstairs and wandered into my room. Usually he comes in, sniffs a bit to make sure there’s nothing amazingly delicious in here, and heads on his way. But tonight he came right over to the bed (where I was sitting), and put his front paws on the bed and gave me a sad look that said ” Wanna help a dog out?” I figured he wanted to come up, so I picked him up and put him on the bed with me. He used to be able to jump up all by himself, but he’s 14 now, so he understandably needed some help.

Next thing I knew, he was curled up, looking very comfy, and snoring away. It was so incredibly cute! I wanted to get a picture of him (not that a picture would convey his snoring, but still), so I tried to grab my camera as carefully as possible, but I obviously woke him up. So instead you get sleepy photos of him.

The plan for tomorrow is to do run/walk intervals again, the exact same thing as yesterday. Honestly, the hardest part will be getting up when my alarm goes off. Once I’m up things are easy, it’s just getting myself out of bed that’s so hard. Sometimes it’s just so hard to get out of my nice warm bed. My alarm is only set for 6 am though, so it’s not like it’s incredibly early. I don’t have any excuses!

Have any suggestions on how to make getting up in the morning easier?

Snoring Dogs and Waking Up